Intendu developed a brain-training platform that revolutionizes the treatment for people with brain dysfunctions. The software solution delivers an effective, accessible, and affordable neurocognitive solution.


The Functional Brain Trainer brings personalized, adaptive rehabilitation training, paired with body-controlled video games for training and retraining cognitive skills, such as memory, inhibition, set-shifting, persistence, attention, self-initiation, etc. The software solution operates under real-time feedback from an off the shelf 3D video camera, which facilitates full-body interaction and real-time adaption of the training games.

Social Impact

There are over 100 million people living in developed countries who suffer from brain-related cognitive dysfunctions, and the current treatment of these impairments has proven to be insufficient. Occupational therapy currently acts as the principal treatment, but there are drawbacks, since it is expensive, inconsistent, difficult to measure progress, and requires mobility. Furthermore, many patients receive rehabilitation treatment in a clinical setting for only a short period of time, which is often inadequate and prohibits higher levels of rehabilitation, sometimes even causing ultimate degeneration of their condition.