Intendu has developed a revolutionary software solution for the treatment of people with brain dysfunctions, delivering an effective, accessible and affordable neurocognitive rehabilitation solution that leads to real-life benefits.



Intendu’s solution delivers a dynamically personalized rehabilitation training within game-like virtual environments that are based on natural interaction and realistic experiences. The solution uses real-time feedback from an off-the-shelf 3D video camera to enable whole-body interaction and real-time adaptation of the training games.


Social Need

Over 100 million people in developed counties suffer from brain related cognitive dysfunctions, and current treatment of such impairments, have proven insufficient. The main treatment, occupational therapy, is inconsistent, expensive, difficult to measure progress, and requires mobility. Further, many people do not receive any treatment after a short period of rehabilitation in the clinical setting. This greatly impacts a patient’s degree of rehabilitation and can even result in deterioration of their condition.