GivingWay is using the most popular trends in international travel to support social and environmental causes across the globe. GivingWay’s online marketplace connects international travelers seeking to volunteer their time and skills to nonprofit organizations worldwide, making it simple for both sides of the “Volunteer Travel” market to directly interact with each other based on an open and fair exchange of resources and information.


GivingWay developed a user-friendly platform where people seeking to support nonprofit organizations through volunteer work are able to filter and search for the volunteering experience best suited to their skills and interests, and nonprofits can benefit from direct and open engagement with prospective volunteers. With hundreds of vetted nonprofits from 80+ countries worldwide, GivingWay’s inventory of volunteering opportunities dramatically exceeds that of any other platform in this field and makes it possible for anyone to find the right cause to support. In addition to facilitating the connection with volunteers, GivingWay’s platform includes various CRM-like SaaS tools to assist nonprofits in streamlining their work with volunteers and managing their network of supporters. Such tools include customizable application forms, network management tools, and scheduling features.

Social Impact

Aligned with general shifts in the travel industry towards more authentic, immersive, and culturally-enriching travel experiences, volunteering while traveling abroad, “Voluntourism”, is one of the fastest growing sectors of international tourism. Popularity bred massive commercialization, and today the industry is entirely dominated by thousands of placement agents selling very expensive volunteer trips, with the majority of the fees going to the agents, and not to the nonprofits and the local communities they serve. Furthermore, the services provided by these agents are often subpar for both sides of the market due to inadequate matching of volunteer skills with the actual needs of the local communities on the ground. By fostering a space for volunteers and organizations to communicate directly, GivingWay allows full transparency and open communication, and both parties are able to find more suitable and personal matches, resulting in a much greater impact. In addition, because the engagement between volunteers and nonprofits is direct, all proceeds go directly to those who need them the most—the grassroots nonprofits and the local communities they serve.

By engaging directly with grassroots-level social change agents, human and financial capital is effectively directed towards locally-driven initiatives, serving as a major catalyst for long-term sustainable development.