EarlySense was a previous investment and under our team’s management in the past. It is a prime example of how Israeli impact companies evolve and are eventually able to go mainstream.


In 2004, EarlySense launched an innovative solution that focused on next generation patient monitoring systems for hospitals, healthcare systems, integrated delivery networks, and rehabilitation centers. This patient monitoring solution was devised to enhance patient safety and reduce risk for general care patients.


Wellness product distributed to consumers to track their health while at home. The EarlySense System provides the nursing team with solutions to improve patient safety, while reducing the occurrences of false alarms. A sensing plate is positioned under the mattress, and ensures continuous patient monitoring for heart rate, respiratory rate, and motion, which allows the clinical team to manage:

  • Early Detection of Patient Deterioration
  • Fall Prevention
  • Pressure Ulcers Prevention
  • This sensing plate, combined with real-time delivery of actionable data and patient management tools, permits the staff to identify problems before they become high risk.

    Social Impact

    EarlySense offers a better quality of care for patients in hospitals and at home, making quality of life much better for patients with disease.
    The system provides a solution for saving lives in hospitals, in long-term care, and at home for people who need it. This system is especially beneficial to people living in underserved communities.