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AngelSense develops the only GPS and Voice Monitoring solution designed exclusively for children with special needs. Founded in 2014, the company’s mission is to help protect and improve the care for children with special needs while bringing peace of mind to their parents.


AngelSense helps parents of children with special needs monitor their child’s level of safety throughout the day, when their child is not with them. The solution is based on GPS, advanced analytics and patent-pending technology that enables automated geo-fencing, detects arrivals and departures, and builds a daily schedule in real time.
Some of the product’s unique features are:

  • Full-day view of the child in a simple diary format
  • Immediate SMS notifications for unusual car stops and location changes
  • Proven “Wandering Child” solution to help find a lost child
  • Wearable and accessories designed for children with special needs
  • “Listen-in” option where parent can sense their child and ensure they’re safe


As an extension to its important mission, the company built a distributed call center staffed with parents to children with special needs who are expert AngelSense users. This allows them to return to the workforce by working part time from their homes and to provide help to other families.

Social Need

Studies reveal that over 50% of children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) will wander or bolt to unsafe environments throughout their life. Tragically, wandering-related incidents that lead to drowning, prolonged exposure causing dehydration or hypothermia, traffic accidents, and falls remain among the top causes of death within the ASD population. Additionally, studies reveal that every special needs child will experience mistreatment at least once by the time they are 17. As children with special needs are often nonverbal, cannot communicate and ask for help, and often times do not even recognize that they need help, they encounter many dangerous situations. AngelSense allows parents to ensure their child is safe and well taken care of, and in return gain back some peace of mind.