Application Process

Impact First invests in entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds and in social start-ups at various stages. What unites our entrepreneurs is their vision and drive to turn their social start-up into a game-changing, globally scalable solution to a social and/or environmental challenge. If you have a social start-up, and fit the description above, we want to hear from you!

Please review our investment criteria, attach a short one-page executive summary and pay special attention to your approach to the social impact you want to make.

Investment criteria:

  1. Your venture is a for-profit company
  2. Your product is technology based
  3. Location – Israel or Israel-related
  4. Domains – healthcare, education, assistive technologies, ag-tech, energy & environment
  5. Investment size – from seed to $2m

Executive summary should include:

  1. The social pain you are addressing
  2. A description of who your stakeholders are
  3. A description of your solution
  4. An outline of how your solution can expand globally
  5. A description of your management experience
  6. A list of past investments and the capital being requested

Submit your Application